Sunday, April 21

How Much Power Does a Ps4 Use

Has your electricity bill shocked you since you bought the PS4?

Gaming consoles have been in the market, but since the COVID-19 lockdown, they have become a popular household source of entertainment. They allow people not only to play games online but also watch movies and even stream.

However, most people don’t realize that these game consoles, especially PS4, drain electricity even when they are in their standard mode, supposedly saving energy. So let’s see how safe you are or not with your PS4.


How Much Power Does a PS4 Use?

If you are playing PS4 on a standard LED TV, you will use about 200 Watts that is 140 Watt for the PS4 and 60 Watt for the TV per hour. During the two hours operation period, you will consume 400 Watt, which will cost you 5 cents per hour.

In standby mode, it uses about 6-8 Watts. Check the price of electricity in your region per kilowatt-hour to get an accurate calculation from the gaming console power consumption calculator.

However, this should not be so much of a surprise because it is an advanced model hence uses more electricity than its predecessors like Xbox 360 or PS3.

Such advanced features include voice and motion recognition which requires a ‘Reset Mode’ for the PS4. This mode benefits the gamer in making sure they don’t have to wait for updates as they are happening in the background. Instead, the gamer jumps straight into the game to pick up what they left off.

Above all, you don’t have to compromise on your gaming experience to save on electricity. That is why it is necessary to learn how to save energy with your game console.


Energy-Saving Tips with Your PS4

Yes, it is possible to reduce the power consumption of your game console if you follow the guidelines below. Even though the savings might not be substantial for an avid gamer, they will surely make a reduced impact on the electricity bill. Read on.

  • There are settings in the standby mode that can save energy. For instance, you can prevent the console from connecting to the internet hence avoiding instant updates. Still, you can turn off the power supply through the USB ports for controllers.
  • When playing the Blu-rays, use the Blu-ray player for less power consumption. Unlike the PlayStation, this will only use about 20 Watts which totals up to 80 Watts less in an hour.
  • You should use switchable multiple sockets. This way, you can completely switch off all devices to ensure no power consumption when you are not using the game console. However, ensure you switch off the PS4 first before turning off the multiple sockets. Still, remember not to leave it in standby mode as switching off the multiple sockets in this mode could damage the console’s hard drive.
  • Switching to sleep mode also guarantees more savings. This comes in handy when you need to pause your game, maybe for a quick shower, and want to pick up from where you left later on. Better still, you can activate the sleep mode when you are downloading a new update.

Nothing beats a gaming experience like the PS4 experience. All you need to be is smart and save on the power consumptions to continue enjoying the battles, races, and matches.