Wednesday, July 24

How To Connect Phone To Smart TV Without Wi-Fi?

When you have a smart TV, it seems like all is possible. But, what happens if there is no Wi-Fi? You can still connect your phone and enjoy a bigger and better picture, even without a connection. That’s right! You don’t need the internet to hook up your phone and smart TV. You can enjoy a bigger screen and a better image than on your phone. Wondering how? We’re here with four ways.


  1. Mirroring

To connect your phone to your smart TV, you can choose the mirroring option. Mirroring is an option to share screens between your devices, which you can connect with the push of a button. The best thing about it is that you don’t need any cables and it’s simple. You can stream in seconds and enjoy screen sharing with your mobile to get a better picture. The only thing you’ll want to watch out for is your phone’s battery; mirroring can drain it dry.


  1. Screen Casting

With this option, you can leave your phone screen off and save your battery. Plus, you can share one app at a time with your TV, looking at photos, or starting up a downloaded movie or song you have on your device. This option doesn’t need cables or anything else to connect. All you’ll need is your phone, your smart TV, and whatever app you wish to see on the big screen.


  1. Chromecast

Chromecast is Google’s streaming invention, used to share screens of two devices. You’ll have to download an app to enjoy the features but, once you do, streaming is seamless. If you’re looking to watch your favorite series or have something on your device you want to see on your TV, Chromecast is the best option to choose.


  1. HDMI

An HDMI cable connects devices and streams the same images from one device to the other. All you’ll have to do to connect your phone to your smart TV is plug in the cable in the right spot and stream. HDMI is an easy option that comes without the need to download anything. Plus, you’ll have a clear screen and perfect color combinations that you might not get with the other options.


Choosing your Way

When it comes to connecting your phone without the internet, there are ways. However, you should choose the one that works for you. You can select an app to help you stream, purchase a device, or even one to hook devices up with a cable. Either way, you can enjoy a clear picture without all the hassle.

Seeing a video on a bigger screen is a great way to enjoy your smart TV, not worrying about your connection to the internet.  You never know when you might be without Wi-Fi, needing to find ways to connect your device without it. The next time you’re trying to see pictures, videos, or movies on your smart TV, connect using one of these four ways.